Knee Replacement

What is (TKR) Total Knee Replacement Operation?

A total knee replacement involves cutting away the damaged bone of the knee joint and replacing it with a prosthesis, which prevents the bones from rubbing together and provides a smooth knee joint which gives complete pain relief.

When to do a Total Knee Replacement Operation?

The decision whether to have knee replacement surgery should be a cooperative one between Patients, their family, & treating surgeon. Orthopaedic surgeons evaluate patients individually & recommendations for surgery are based on the extent of joint pain, disability, and general health status.

Patient will be benefited from knee replacement surgery one who has:
  • Severe knee pain that limits everyday activities, including walking, going up and down stairs and getting in & out of chairs.
  • Knee pain while resting, either day or night.
  • Knee deformity, bowing in or out of knee.
  • Knee stiffness, inability to bend or straighten knee.
  • Limited pain relief from painkillers and physiotherapy

What is latest technique of (TKR) Total Knee Replacement Operation?

In latest technique, this operation is also done with computer Navigation and with a small cut (Minimal Invasive) so recovery is faster. Latest Joint design also provides full knee bending after operation.

How long is the Hospital Stay for TKR?

Hospital stay depends on patientís recovery. Normally stay is 6-7 days. Patient is hospitalized one day prior to operation. Most knee replacement patients begin standing and walking with the help of a walking support, 4 to 5 days after surgery.

At what Age Total Knee Replacement should be done?

Age is not only criteria but important factors are amount of knee pain and disability due to Knee arthritis. If some one is handicapped only because of Knee arthritis then it can be done at any time after age of 18 years. However in 90% cases, it is performed between 55 to 65 yrs of age.

How successful is Total Knee Replacement operation?

It is the most successful total joint replacement operation. More than 90 percent of individuals who undergo knee replacement surgery experience a dramatic reduction of knee pain and a significant improvement in their ability to perform the common activities of daily living.

How much knee bending one get after operation?

It depends on knee movement present before operation. Generally with use of new design TKR prosthesis (High flexion), one may get same amount of knee movement which was present before operation. However High Flexion type of prosthesis can not be used in every knee. Its application depends on amount of knee deformity, Bone quality and shape.

What is the life of an Artificial knee Joint?

It depends on patients Age, Weight & Activities. Young people ( < 50 yrs) have very active life so TKR may last 10-15 years. In people around 60 yrs or more, it may last for 15 -20 years. With appropriate activity modification and weight reduction knee replacement can last several years.

Can it be done in people having Diabetes, Heart Disease or Over weight?

Total Knee can be done in controlled Diabetic, stable Heart Disease with good heart function and people weighing around 100kg with motivation to loose weight.